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gc_updates's Journal

The latest news and info on Good Charlotte
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This community was started to keep Good Charlotte fans updated on the latest happenings with the band and the band members. There's plenty of GC communities out there, but yet none of them ever get updated on a regular basis. We hope to keep this one pretty current. Anything pertaining to Good Charlotte is allowed, so long as it's not bashing of the band members or their family/friends/girlfriends.

We understand not everyone likes the things the band members do in their personal lives, but it's their lives and they can do as they please. Opinions are very much welcomed, but their is a difference between opinions and just being out right rude. We will not put up with members bashing other members, or members being outright disresepctful about anything and if anyone chooses to do so we can and will ban you.

The maintainers of this community are ohrlynow and julissamelissa
If you have any questions/problems/suggestions/complaints, feel free to leave us a comment on our personal journals.
Everyone is allowed to post, but IT MUST BE FRIENDS LOCKED. If you don't comply, then your post will be removed.

*anything about any member of GC doing anything. (It can be related to the band or just something in general about one of the band members)
*The guys personal lives can be discussed, but there will be NO gossip or rumors allowed. Speculations are just that, and if it can't be proved, then it wont be discussed.
*Things pertaining to the guys girlfriends can be discussed, but only if it pertains to GC. (i.e..Joel & Nicole out and about is allowed, but Nicole out and about by herself is NOT)
*Discussions about Sarah Madden or Josh Madden are allowed, but only if it pertains to GC, DCMA or Josh's djing events. No discussions of their personal lives.
*The guys personal friends can be discussed, but only if it pertains to GC, DCMA, Level 27 or Dead Executives.
*pictures, mps's, videos, graphics, icons, etc are allowed. Please use an lj/cut for multiple pictures though.
*myspace blogs, bulletins, website updates are allowed.
*requests for pics, mp3's, etc is allowed, but lets not get out of hand with it and become annoying.

*Absolutely NO discussions about the twins mother Robin or the twins father Roger, unless it's directly from the twins themselves.

**Please give proper credit when posting things that are not yours personally.

**We will remove any posts that we feel are inappropriate at any time.**

We know this seems like a huge list of rules, but we want to make sure we have everything covered, so less confusion about things later on.
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